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Incident at Trump Ohio Rally

As you may know, a man jumped a barricade near the stage at a Trump rally today, and was quickly apprehended by Secret Service. I had just returned home shortly after this happened, and saw some of the first blips … Continue reading

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What I’ve “learned” aboout the Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting…

Well, let’s see… Apparently it wasn’t an attack on planned parent hood- it was a bank robbery gone wrong. And, well, that just from looking at him he’s clearly a leftist communist. And clearly moved to Colorado for the legal … Continue reading

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TREASON, A word that’s been thrown about frequently, and carelessly, by the right during the administration of Barack Obama. But let’s stop and think, for just a moment, about events of just the past couple weeks. We have had the … Continue reading

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Jeb Bush Puts $1 Million Cap On Donations (for now)

Think about this for just a moment if you will. JB is so awash in money at the moment he sees fit to put a $1 Million cap on donations- presumably to avoid the specter of “undue influence” 1 Million … Continue reading

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