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Drug Testing- a significant cause of unemployment?

A sobering article in the New York Times today: Hiring Hurdle: Finding Workers Who Can Pass a Drug Test . The sad irony is that alcohol use and abuse is the biggest drug problem in the work world. From impairment on the … Continue reading

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Ebola Meth

So apparently a small police department in Texas apparently posted a warning to Facebook that meth (and heroin) supplies were possibly contanimated with Ebola, and should be brought to the station for testing. Resulting apparently in one arrest. This disturbs … Continue reading

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Fear… “them”

When this election cycle we were hearing constantly abiut “them” – them being the Hispanics/Latinos. Bringing disease. Stealing Jobs. Burdening our government services. Being murderers, rapists, and drug dealers. And how we must round them all up. Deport or jail … Continue reading

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Well, it didn’t take long for the death of Antonin Scalia to turn into a right mess. As you’re well aware it took a matter of seconds for the right to vow to block any Obama nominee, well, because, of … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s Pro Wrestling Career

Ok, maybe like me your first reaction to that title is WTF? A part of his history I blissfully missed out on. Sadly, I saw this article at the WaPo the other day: 6 ways Donald Trump’s wrestling career previewed his … Continue reading

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Why am I paying for your credit?

So, for a multitude of reasons, I pretty much live in a cash economy. And I wonder…why do I have to pay for everyone elses credit? Let’s be clear- accepting credit and debit cards is a major expense to retailers. … Continue reading

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Petition to dismantle the Statue of Liberty

A  petition  calling for the dismantling of the Statue of Liberty- as it clearly no longer represents American values. Please sign and share – 100K sigs and the White House will have to respond to it…which I would love to … Continue reading

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