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Fear… “them”

When this election cycle we were hearing constantly abiut “them” – them being the Hispanics/Latinos. Bringing disease. Stealing Jobs. Burdening our government services. Being murderers, rapists, and drug dealers. And how we must round them all up. Deport or jail … Continue reading

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Cuba…and the eternal question- which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Ok, this is inspired by many of the responses to Obamas move towards normalizing relations with Cuba. Including the WaPo’s editorial piece here. I am not in denial of the myriad of problems in Cuba.Nor of the abuses. But I … Continue reading

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What I learned from the Right Wing News Today

Here are the top “News” stories published by WND today* . (*I started this last night- the stories remained the same as of early this morning west coast time). 1) ALARMS SOUND OVER ‘IMMINENT’ ATTACKS ON U.S. Report: Feds, law … Continue reading

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America needs to look in the mirror

I remember once hearing a story about the tour buses in the 60’s that would take the mad men/leave it to beaver era folks through the Haight-Ashbury seen to see the “freaks”. And of the hippies that would run alongside … Continue reading

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What is life?

*note: I started this post before Ariel Sharon had passed As my father sinks further into debilitating illness this question has been on my mind a lot as of late. As well as my own reality of aging…and what lies … Continue reading

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No, Time did not publish “The Coming Ice Age” in 1977

With the so called “Polar Vortex” hitting huge swaths of america, the climate change deniers are insisting it is proof, or at least strong evidence so galled “global warming” is a hoax. And day after day I am seeing references … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad: Only in America

  From writer and artist Christopher Keelty

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