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Incident at Trump Ohio Rally

As you may know, a man jumped a barricade near the stage at a Trump rally today, and was quickly apprehended by Secret Service. I had just returned home shortly after this happened, and saw some of the first blips … Continue reading

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Petition to dismantle the Statue of Liberty

A  petition  calling for the dismantling of the Statue of Liberty- as it clearly no longer represents American values. Please sign and share – 100K sigs and the White House will have to respond to it…which I would love to … Continue reading

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What I’ve “learned” aboout the Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting…

Well, let’s see… Apparently it wasn’t an attack on planned parent hood- it was a bank robbery gone wrong. And, well, that just from looking at him he’s clearly a leftist communist. And clearly moved to Colorado for the legal … Continue reading

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Cuba…and the eternal question- which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Ok, this is inspired by many of the responses to Obamas move towards normalizing relations with Cuba. Including the WaPo’s editorial piece here. I am not in denial of the myriad of problems in Cuba.Nor of the abuses. But I … Continue reading

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Congress blocks the will of the people- blocks marijuana legalization in DC

This saddens me more then surprises me. But the opinion piece printed in the Washington Post by two Republican congressmen infuriates me. So below is their opinion piece, with my responses in bold. I tried to keep the responses brief…there is … Continue reading

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NASA to Launch Test Flight of Orion Capsule Thursday

This Thursday, December 4th, NASA will be launching the Orion Capsule on an unmanned test flight. This is the capsule intended to carry astronauts to and from the ISS. At this point I feel I need to say: Polling suggests … Continue reading

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The Right-Wing(Nuts) Disturbing Defense of Bill Cosby

A few days ago when checking WND (Wingnut News Daily) one of their top stories was proposing the idea that “the left” was out to destroy Bill Cosby because, in a number of speeches, he has been critical of black … Continue reading

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