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Ebola Meth

So apparently a small police department in Texas apparently posted a warning to Facebook that meth (and heroin) supplies were possibly contanimated with Ebola, and should be brought to the station for testing. Resulting apparently in one arrest. This disturbs … Continue reading

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Is Trump Capable of Speaking in Complete Sentences?

The more I hear this man, and the more transcripts I read, the more I am dumbfounded by his apparent inability to speak in complete and cognizant sentences. To be clear- I don’t think is the same level of nonsensical … Continue reading

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One way or another, this darkness has got to give

A line from the Grateful Deads “New Speedway Boogie” . Penned by lyricist Ropert Hunter- according to him in response to a damning piece about Altamont by rock critic Ralph Gleason. The Dead were never really openly political. But after … Continue reading

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How Would trump Pay for a General Election Run?

Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t really seen press coverage of this- nor comments from his rivals. We all know Trump has been bragging that he is paying for his ¬†candidacy himself (more or less true so far), so he won’t … Continue reading

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Trumps assault on the 1st amendment

This should concern everyone- especially much of his base- the self appointed protectors of the constitution. Anyway- a week or so ago Trump declared he would drastically change fredom of the press laws. Making it far easier to sue for … Continue reading

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3 Simple Laws Could Drasticaly Reduce Gun Violence (and expand gun rights)

An interesting study published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet today seems to indicate implementation of just 3 laws could drastically reduce gun deaths in the US. (note: there have been some questions raised about the statistical modeling used. … Continue reading

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Incident at Trump Ohio Rally

As you may know, a man jumped a barricade near the stage at a Trump rally today, and was quickly apprehended by Secret Service. I had just returned home shortly after this happened, and saw some of the first blips … Continue reading

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