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Will Trump End Up Proving the Founding Fathers Right?

The people do not elect the president of the US – the Electoral College does. And while there are numerous reasons why it was set up this way- a main reason was the fear that an eneducated and uninformed populace … Continue reading

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Mississippi Barring Same Sex Marriages

Not really surprised I suppose… Mississippi seems to be blocking same sex marriages insisting they can’t do them until the 5th circuit removes an injunction. I guess these proud defenders of the constitution don’t understand that the US Supreme Court … Continue reading

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Cliven Bundy and his selfish and ignorant views of the constiutions

Let’s forget for a moment that Cliven Bundy has said that he does not recognize the legitimacy of the government of the United States of America. An increasingly common view among the selfish fringes who care nothing about anything but … Continue reading

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Republicans at it again- taking away YOUR constitutional rights

Two Republican lawmakers in New York are pushing a bill “The Internet Protection Act“. The law allowsanyone to have an anonymous post abouting- online in a blog, forum, or newspaper removed- or to compel the site to reveal the identity … Continue reading

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Fillibuster – Unconstiutional?

The right loves to point out that- even since the midterm elections, Obama and the Dems control “2/3” of the legislative branch of government. Which is *true* in the strictest sense. 51 Dems, 2 independents, 47 Republicans. But since Obama took … Continue reading

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Cowards and guns

First- let me say I have owned guns the vast majority of my life. My family has a long history with their manufacture. And they are amazing pieces of engineering. I had a concealed carry permit for many years- though … Continue reading

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Will the REAL america please step forward?

So who IS the “real america” anymore. IT seems to be increasingly hard to tell. To judge from the blogosphere, the forums, the cable news- america has shifted to the VERY far right. Racism. Facism. Religious intollerance. Fear. Hatred. Socialism, communism, … Continue reading

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