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Drug Testing- a significant cause of unemployment?

A sobering article in the New York Times today: Hiring Hurdle: Finding Workers Who Can Pass a Drug Test . The sad irony is that alcohol use and abuse is the biggest drug problem in the work world. From impairment on the … Continue reading

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Harm Reduction part 1: Just Say Know

As some of you may know, and as I blogged on recently, there have been a rach of “ecstasy” related deaths in Canada due to the pills containing the drug PMMA. ecstasy pills are supposed to be the drug MDMA, which when … Continue reading

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Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients

So last year Florida passed a bill requiring those applying for welfare to submit to drug testing. (This was, months later, placed on hold by a judge and I am unsure of the current status). Numerous other states, including Georgia, … Continue reading

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