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Will Trump End Up Proving the Founding Fathers Right?

The people do not elect the president of the US – the Electoral College does. And while there are numerous reasons why it was set up this way- a main reason was the fear that an eneducated and uninformed populace … Continue reading

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Waiting For the Election to Finally be Over (not so fast…)

Many of us just want the election overwith. And late tuesday/early wednesday should be the day. BUT- not so fast… First off- if the election is as close as some say, and hinges on Ohio, then upwards of 200,000 absentee … Continue reading

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November 2012 – Another “Stolen” election controversy?

While things are still┬ávery much a guessing game at this point, one, very real possibility is rearing its head. Obama may very well win the popular vote, by 7 million+/- votes. But loose the electoral college. Many of the most … Continue reading

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