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One way or another, this darkness has got to give

A line from the Grateful Deads “New Speedway Boogie” . Penned by lyricist Ropert Hunter- according to him in response to a damning piece about Altamont by rock critic Ralph Gleason. The Dead were never really openly political. But after … Continue reading

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My disturbing first memories of MLK Day

MLK Day was first celebrated as a national holiday in 1986 (note- not all states officially observed it until 2000). And while Reagan had signed into law (he seemed to be opposed to it in many ways), many republicans- led … Continue reading

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Ship of Fools

A Grateful Dead song. One that many years ago after a particularly intense night of psychedelic magic at a “family” gathering one of my friends said was the dead song that always made them think of me. Just came on … Continue reading

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Tweets from Space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield has been tweeting some amazing photo from space. Often with some equally beautiful commentary. Washington Post has a collection of twenty of them hereĀ . His twitter feed is hereĀ . Or of course just use your favorite search … Continue reading

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We Can Run But We Can’t Hide

First perfromed by the Grateful Dead 02/05/1989. Seems like a fitting tune to ride out 2012 on. Can be streamed here “We Can Run But We Can’t Hide” Words by John Perry Barlow; music by Brent Mydland We don’t own … Continue reading

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Ship of Fools

Another of my musical posts. Many, many years ago in the we hours of a psychedelic enlightment evening one of my friends named the Grateful Deads “Ship of Fools” as the song that applied to me. And he was right… … Continue reading

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