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Cuba…and the eternal question- which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Ok, this is inspired by many of the responses to Obamas move towards normalizing relations with Cuba. Including the WaPo’s editorial piece here. I am not in denial of the myriad of problems in Cuba.Nor of the abuses. But I … Continue reading

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The Irony of Republican Opposition to Immigration Reform

First, I should point out-there are many republicans who DO want immigration reform. Indeed, possible Republican presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Chris Christie have called for reforms. And Every republican president in my lifetime has forwarded some types of reforms. … Continue reading

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Immigration. And Capitalism.

It seems recently I’ve started seeing a bit of a new trend. Or the beginnings of one (if it goew well for them I suppose). Broaching the topic of legal immigration, not just illegal immigration. And yet…like so many issues … Continue reading

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Right Wing(nut) Outrage of the Day- Google Doodle for Cesar Chavez

Because yes- besides the christian holiday of Easter falling on March 31st this year, it is also the birthday of Cesar Chavez. (and thanks to Obama the 3rd? “Cesar Chavez Day” And the right-wing nuts have been livid. (some- like good … Continue reading

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Bibles, Badges, and Business

I heard a snippet of a story on NPR with people from a group using a tagline of “Bibles, Badges, and Business”. Conservatives- law enforcement. Preachers. Business owners. Many of whom seem to have long been very, very anti immigrant. … Continue reading

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“I Just Look Illegal”

Today was the parade in SF for the world series champions SF Giants. And SF Pitcher Sergio Romo, who was born in the US to parents from Mexico sported a shirt with the overtly political words “I Just Look Illegal” … Continue reading

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Anti-immigrant madness

A sobering read over at Forbes, and one who as someone whohas been both employee and employer- I find quite true and in line with some of my recent blog posts : Why Immigrants Make Better Entrepeneurs What makes immigrants twice as … Continue reading

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