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A GOP “Debate”? Or a SNL Skit?

I *tried* to watch the Republican debate last night. I really, really did. But I only made it 30 minutes or so before I had to turn away…and check back in on it thoughout the night. I couldn’t help feeling … Continue reading

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Jeb Bush Puts $1 Million Cap On Donations (for now)

Think about this for just a moment if you will. JB is so awash in money at the moment he sees fit to put a $1 Million cap on donations- presumably to avoid the specter of “undue influence” 1 Million … Continue reading

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The Irony of Republican Opposition to Immigration Reform

First, I should point out-there are many republicans who DO want immigration reform. Indeed, possible Republican presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Chris Christie have called for reforms. And Every republican president in my lifetime has forwarded some types of reforms. … Continue reading

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A Bush FINALLY Speaks the Truth

Well, that may be a little harsh. Jeb actually has butted heads with the GOP stupidy in recent memory… But Barbara Bush has said, in relation to Jeb running for president: “…we’ve had enough Bushes”. Truer words never spoken. As … Continue reading

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