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Koch brothers want to make your newspaper their megaphone

  From Pultizer Prize winning political cartoonist and commentator David Horsey By David Horsey April 30, 2013,¬†5:00 a.m. The people of Los Angeles would be up in arms if some out-of-town billionaires tried to buy the Dodgers and institute a … Continue reading

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Koch Brothers vs Unions- these are the right wing lies we are dealing with

So those on the right are passing around this graphic as fact:     Just a few major problems. First- the Koch brothers have only become a major force since the “Citizens United” decision. Second-and more importantly the chart shows … Continue reading

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The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic – Richard Muller

I have previously blogged on this, but the man himself does a much better job of making the point. Richard Muller¬†is a highly respected american Physicist. One who for years was one of a small handful of respected scientists to … Continue reading

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